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Koninkrijk België
Royaume de Belgique
Königreich Belgien
Kingdom of Belgium
Flag of Belgium Coat of arms of Belgium
Flag Coat of arms

Location of Belgium

Capital Brussels
50°54'N 4°32'E
Official languages Dutch, French, German

Government Federal constitutional monarchy
Independence from the Netherlands 
 -  Declared October 4, 1830 
 -  Recognised Treaty of London, April 19, 1839 

 -  Total 30,528 km² 
11,787 sq mi 
 -  Water (%) 6.4
 -  2005 estimate 10,419,000 
 -  2001 census 10,296,350 

The Kingdom of Belgium (Dutch: Koninkrijk België; French: Royaume de Belgique; German: Königreich Belgien) is a country in northwest Europe bordered by the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France. Belgium has a population of over ten million people, in an area of around 30,000 square kilometres (11,700 square miles).

Genealogical Associations

  • svvf - The overarching organisation of Flemish genealogist
  • VVF - Flemish Society for Genealogy.
  • VCGH - Flemish Centre for Genealogy and Heraldry.

History relevant to genealogists


Digital Archives


  • City archive Antwerps search Here you can search in the population registers, building acts and fotoarchive. A selection:
    • foreigners registry Antwerps: usefull for Americans, as many boats left from Antwerps to New York. The foreigners needed to register to stay in Antwerps while waiting for the boat.
  • West-Flemish Genealogical records Here you find a free overview (in a table as well as on a map) of the genealogical records of West Flanders which have been entered by voluntary co-operators of the Public Record Office of Bruges. You find indexes on parochial registers, civil status, census, population registers, lawsuits, state of goods, notary deeds, declaration of heritages, popp maps. Furthermore, of the city archives of Bruges and Courtrais (Kortrijk), an index is given with what can be accessed from microfilm.
  • City archive of Tongeren. An online search is offered

Semi Non-Free

  • Ariadne - Archive of the SVVF with indexes on sources. Parts are free. Other parts are free to use by members of SVVF (access code is in the monthly publication). Accessible in the archive centres for non-members on paying archive entry fee.

Online collections

These collections are normally put online by volunteers.

  • passenger lists - Rootsweb section on ships that departed from Belgium to America (see above with anterps city archive too).
  • Erik Witter - Marriage lists for Denderleeuw, Iddergem and Welle
  • Halen - Parish Registries and Civil Status of Halen (with Loksbergen en Zelem). Only Civil Status of Halen is finished at the moment.
  • Belgian War Graves - Overview of Belgian War Graves of first and second worldwar.


State archives

City archives

Local archives

  • Stekene Stekene Kemzeke Koewacht Klein-Sinaai Hellestraat



Main sources of genealogical information


Links to pages with more links and information


Genealogy dedicated wiki's

  • The wiki made by the svvf suborganisation Computer and Genealogy, a non-profit organisation.
  • Limburg wiki Genealogy in the province of Limburg

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