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Biography quickview

The Biography Quickview shows a basic Biography based on the Events of the first selected Person in your Family Tree.

The name, date, and place formats are controlled from the Display tab of the Preferences.

The biography text is is based on the parents plus the dates and places of the following events with their sources:

  • Birth
  • Baptism
  • Christening
  • Marriage
  • Death
  • Burial

Biography for Garner von Zieliński, Lewis Anderson Sr

Anderson was born on 21 Jun 1855 in Great Falls, MT, USA.
Anderson was the son of Garner, Robert W. and Zieliński, Phoebe Emily.

He married Martel, Luella Jacques on 1 Apr 1875 in Paragould, Greene, AR, USA.

He died on 28 Jun 1911 in Twin Falls, Twin Falls, ID, USA at the age of 56 years, 7 days.
He was buried on 1 Jul 1911 in Twin Falls, Twin Falls, ID, USA.


  • Priests of Great Falls Church 1850 - 1867, Baptize registry 1850 - 1867 Great Falls Church
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You can activate the Quick View by right-clicking on a person's name in the People Category View. Then select Quick View > Biography.