Gramps 3.1.3 (“What Name?”) released

The Gramps Developers have released: Version 3.1.3 of Gramps! The “What Name?” release.

  • Contains translation updates, crash fixes, bug fixes, and minor updates.
  • fixes and updates to:
    • notes, date handler, GEDCOM parser, GEDCOM export, PlaceView,
    • thumbnails, unicode/text truncation, Gramplets, gtk 2.18/Ubuntu 9.10,
    • xml export/import data loss, GeneWeb GEDCOM import, css updates
  • several MacPorts-specific fixes
  • several Windows-specific fixes

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1 Comment

  • Anthony Brow

    Hi Folks,

    Just downloaded the new Gramps 3.1.3. I have yet to try it.
    But, when will the Gramps 3.2.0 be available ? Yes I downloaded it, but I cannot install it in Ubuntu 8.04.

    The new Gramps 3.2.0 seems so much better, when reading the Wiki.

    Anyway, may thanks in advance,

    Tony Brow

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