A community is forming

For almost six years, the GRAMPS project has been working on the GRAMPS program. On more than one occasion, I have expressed frustration because it seemed as if the developers had to “go it alone”. Calls for help and participation seemed to fall on deaf years.

However, over the past couple of months, a startling transformation has occurred. People are getting more active on the mailing lists, the IRC channel, and in the development process itself. Initiatives are starting outside the core developers. Patches are being supplied. Users are starting to help users with issues. Things that I have longed to see happen are starting to happen.

A true community is forming. And I could not be happier.


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  • hippy

    I have noticed the same thing. I have also noticed that the pace of development has is such that it is now rather difficult to keep up. I sometimes feel like I am hanging on to the tail feathers!

    It is great to see. Lets hope that it continues.

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