Testing and development tools

I finally found a little time to look at Gramps again today and I have had a very frustrating day. I thought that I would look into using one of the emerging GUI testing tools to see if they could be used to automate the release testing for gramps.

I started by looking at dogpile from Redhat. I looks like it should do the right thing and I spent a couple of hours building all the required dependencies. However, when I came to try and use it I had all sorts of trouble getting Gramps to be seen by it at all. Having finally discovered the mystic rune (export GTK_MODULES=gail:atk-bridge ) I then found that gramps will not run with the Accessibility Extensions turned on, it just crashes.

I have not got the time to work out where in the gnome/gtk chain the problem lies so I will have to leave it there for now.

On a sort of related note. I have recently been setting up a development environment for the developers in my department at work. It is kind of like a mini sourceforge for some 30 odd developers. We have built a system around Subversion and Trac and I have come to the conclusions that these are far better for most projects than CVS/Bugzilla. The ability to link changsets, as they are commited to the subversion repository, directly to Issues in Trac and the milestone management facilities of Trac make for a much more efficient development cycle.

As an occasional developer on gramps I get frustrated that it is difficult track what issues are waiting for development and what activity has taken place on issues that I am interested in. The current approach of: future ideas on the wiki, bugs in Bugzilla, progress in Changes is not very well integrated. The integration of subversion and Trac provides this with almost no effort from the developers and I have been struck by how much more productive it is.

Just a voice of frustration after a wasted day …


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  • shura


    First of all, it’s dogtail, not dogpile 🙂 🙂

    Second, I got it to work. On debian-based systems everything necessary can be done by installing two debs I made: http://www.gramps-project.org/files/dogtail/

    Their scripts at http://people.redhat.com/zcerza/dogtail/docs.html have some minor screw-ups, but I was able to connect to running gramps and click(‘Quit’) and click(‘Help’). Success on click(‘Open…’) and similar stuff. The only warning I get is:

    Glib-GObject-WARNING **: IA__g_object_weak_unref: couldn’t find weak ref 0xb7a52ee0(0xb6168808)

  • hippy


    Oh no! That means I wasted a day and it was my fault! I could just about while I could blame the equipment 🙂

    I’ll have to try again when I get the chance.

    What version of gnome are you running?


  • shura

    gnome2.10, gtk2.6

    There were a couple of hickups, now cured by CVS version of dogtail. Let me know if you’d like me to re-package python-dogtail deb.

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