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Gramps is primarily developed for Linux and BSD and UNIX-like operating systems, but it is also available for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS.

Gramps is open source software and we use the free tools and services from GitHub_Logo to host our project. Our download page makes it easy to get the latest version of Gramps.


For Linux, we recommend installing and upgrading Gramps using the package manager provided by your distribution or by installing a FlatPak available from Flathub.

For advanced users, a source package and Debian package are available:

Instructions for how to build from source or install a Debian package are available in the wiki.

Microsoft Windows

This executable installer supports Microsoft Windows in versions 8, 10, 11 (64-bit Only) and later.

After download: double-click to install Gramps.

Alternatives to the All-In-One installer include the and Chocolatey NuGet Package. Advanced users can install Gramps from source using the MSYS2 build environment.

Older versions available for (Windows 7 64-bit: 5.1.6, Windows 7/8/10 32-bit: 5.1.5, Windows XP/Vista: 3.4.9)

Apple macOS

Before downloading read the before installation instructions.

After download: Double-click the .dmg file to mount the disk (note: your browser may do this for you automatically). Next, drag the Gramps application to your application folder and double-click to launch it.

Alternatives to the application package include the MacPorts and Homebrew package managers.

BSD Platform

For BSD, we recommend installing and upgrading Gramps using the package manager provided by your distribution.

Advanced users can build from source using the link in the Linux section.

Further information can be found on the BSD platforms page in the wiki.

How to Install Gramps

News & Releases

Gramps 5.2.2 released

Gramps 5.2.1 released

Gramps 5.2.0 released