Using Prolog to Analyze your Family Tree

I teach a little of Prolog in both Artificial Intelligence and in Programming Languages. Prolog is a language for entering facts, and letting the system deduce new facts based on those. A standard example to learn what the language can do is to practice on a fake family tree. But this could be done on […]

Gramps 4.1.3 released

Just after ‘3.4.9‘ release, which is the last release on 3.4.x branch, the Gramps team releases version 4.1.3, the “Thou shalt not count to five“. Fixes and changes since 4.1.2: Fix db upgrade failure GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent [Gedcom} SUBN and SUBM record handling [Gedcom] Import/export round trip causes lost information [Gedcom] Entering […]

Gramps 3.4.9 released

11 months after ‘3.4.8‘ release, the gramps team has released version 3.4.9. The “I am no longer infected”, a maintenance and bug fix release. This is a maintenance release designed for still running gramps with gtk2. The database is common between version 4.0.x and 3.4.x branch, most differences are into interface and there is some […]

Gramps 4.1.2 released

The Gramps team releases version 4.1.2, the “That’s no ordinary rabbit“. Fixes and changes since 4.1.1: Error converting python2 utf-8 strings to python3 str when loading data from database Removing a parent place from a place leaves a dangling reference Error during checking the database Stubborn blank space in database won’t be removed, fix removing […]