Fanchart in 4.0, what features?

Hacking Fanchart I don’t know if the fanchart has many fans. I don’t really use it myself. However, with the Gtk 3 conversion, I had to jump into the code to make it ready for Gramps 4.0. Now that I understood the code somewhat, I thought, what the heck, let’s add some features I learned […]

Status GTK 3 for Gramps 4.0

For users, programmers talking about changing a library Gramps uses for another one, is normally dull matter. If that library is however GTK, it actually means the way the program looks will change. And that is of some importance to most of us. In this case, Gramps moves from the old GTK 2.x series, to […]

Gramps 3.4.1 released – “A tiger? In Africa?!”

Today, we released version 3.4.1 “A tiger? In Africa?!“, a maintenance (“bug fix”) release. Mention in the release that upgrading is advised for two critical issues: -> error in export to xml of family order in 3.4.0, now fixed -> crash in windows after some use due to too much terminal output in 3.4.0, now […]

In Memory of Rob G. Healey

1969–2012 Rob G. Healey was an energetic and very active member of the Gramps development team since 2007. He passed away on Sunday June 24, 2012. Rob started contributing to Gramps about the same time I did – sometime during the summer of 2007. As an unemployed web designer at the time, I was working […]

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