Gramps 5.1.5 released

Version 5.1.5 – a new maintenance release, has been released.

Make sure to backup before you upgrade.

Changes since v5.1.4:

  • Update translations: de, pl, sv, zh_CN.
  • Remove Travis CI configuration.
  • Fix badges in README file.
  • Update copyright date.
  • Strange behavior for the scrollbar in the bottombar. Fixes #12438.
  • Fix place object element order in DTD and RNG schemas. Element placeobj content does not follow the DTD and RNG, expecting (ptitle? , pname+). Fixes #12500.
  • Solve InterpolationSyntaxError if “%” in a string. The grampletpane module saves data in a config file for all the gramplets added in the dashboard. The python configparser module doesn’t like if we have a “%” character in a string. Fixes #12423.
  • ‘<‘ not supported between 2 instances of IndexMark. Fixes #12467.
  • Remove debug statements in unit tests.
  • Fix negative Span when dates are not Gregorian. Fixes #12525.
  • Incorrect grouping if no ma/patronymic surname.
  • Group As override is ignored for ma/patronymic surnames. Fixes #12395.
  • Add comments for the lat-lon field of editplace.
  • Place editor, lat and long text are swapped. Fixes #12374.
  • Fix Statusbar progress being shown before use. Fixes #12373.
  • Fix exception when removing a group name in Sqlite db when group name is already missing. Fixes #12367.
  • Fix error when trying to close name editor during long name group mapping view rebuild. Fixes #12328.
  • OsmGpsMap-CRITICAL: Map source setup called twice Fixes #12352.
  • Fix probably alive function unit test.
  • Use GitHub Actions to run continuous integration checks.
  • Mac:
    • Update Exiv2, PYExiv2, and json-glib.
    • Repackage to work with macOS 12.
    • Add entitlements path to bundle-file so is signed with it.
    • Add python-fontconfig to the macOS build. Needed to enable using genealogical symbols.
    • Include fontconfig’s etc/fonts in macOS app bundle. Graphviz now uses fontconfig to find its fonts. Fixes #12370.

See the changelog for more details.

You can obtain the source code for Gramps 5.1.5 from the GitHub release page. As installers become available they will be on the same release page.

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