Gramps 5.1.4 released

Version 5.1.4 – a new maintenance release, has been released.

Make sure to backup before you upgrade.

Changes since v5.1.3:

  • Update translations: cs, de, es, fi, fr, hu, nl, pt_BR, ru, sv, zh_CN.
  • Update copyright date.
  • Fix probably alive if death without date.
  • Place editor, copy and paste of lat and long text no longer auto-populating latitude and longitude fields.
  • Fix for crash when changing views if part of toolbar is not shown because of a small screen when changing views.
  • Fix bottombar always showing after restart, even when not wanted.
  • Always use filtered collation names. Store the Sqlite3 collations in the __collations array to short-circuit re-creation.
  • Fix issue with German relation calculator fixed issue when more than 24 generations between the two people.
  • Add file logging for macOS. When Gramps is launched from macOS’s LaunchServices it doesn’t have a sys.stderr attached so the default stream logger goes to /dev/null. Use a FileHandler in tht case, writing the log to $TMPDIR/gramps-pid.log. This will help particularly in analyzing crashes where python shuts down as there’s no crash report in that case.
  • Fix libplaceview to avoid exception when mapservice is no longer present.
  • Fix References Gramplet for inadequate updates when other objects change.
  • Fix geofamily crash if a family has no father.
  • Home Person setting does not convey in a merge.
  • Fix CSV export of view to only put single CR character.
  • Add Media filter rule ‘HasMedia’ to list of media rules for editor.
  • Need to set locale.textdomain under linux. _build_popup_ui() ignores translated strings without locale.textdomain set.
  • Change category of ‘MatchesEventFilter’.
  • Fix issue where separator between top and bottom bar of View creeps up.
  • Fix Locations Gramplet (Enclosed by) to properly display certain nested places when the smallest place has undated enclosure and larger places are dated.
  • Fix Family Tree Manager drop error on Windows.
  • Fix exportvcalendar error is “is not” with a literal (Python 3.8 issue)
  • Handle not found when copying source from the citation tree.
  • Fix call to ‘file’ function, which doesn’t exist in Python3.
  • Fix write_lock_file exception when USERNAME is missing.
  • Fix EditPlace so Tab key doesn’t get stuck on Private icon.
  • Fix Tag report for places that have a hierarchy.
  • Fix exception when cancelling out of a db upgrade in GUI.
  • Icon file changes:
    • Install 128×128 and 256×256 application icons.
    • Install MIME type icons into the hicolor theme.
    • Remove gnome-mime- prefix from icon filenames.
    • Install application icons into correct directories.
  • Fix error in Birthday and Anniversary report. Fixes an error triggered when the first person_handle in the list has a death event, but no birth event and does not have family relationships. These conditions lead to the local variable short_name not being declared before it comes time to process death events.
  • Fix graphdoc to properly escape characters in ids for Graphviz.
  • Replace inspect.stack() with inspect.currentframe(). Works around Python issue #12920 which causes every call to inspect.trace() to fail because __main__ is always the starting point.
  • Fix crash sorting on columns in Selectors with TreeModels.
  • Fix progress bar freeze due to changes in Gtk.
  • Fix svgdrawdoc for text containing XML invalid characters.
  • Mac:
    • Update PyICU to 2.7.2 in macOS build.
    • Update dependencies. Includes moving berkeleydb and pybsddb over from gtk-osx.
    • Further changes for bundling with Python 3.8.
    • Set __file__ if is run as __main__.
    • Add geocode-glib to build.

See the changelog for more details.

You can obtain Gramps 5.1.4 from the GitHub release page.

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