Gramps 5.1.3 released

Version 5.1.3 – a new maintenance release, has been released.

Make sure to backup before you upgrade.

Changes since v5.1.2:

  • Update ca, de, fi, fr, ja, pl, ru, sl, sv, uk, zh_CN translation
  • Events View: “Main Participants” column does not show the full list
    of participants when expanded.
  • mac/gramps.modules: Use current Gtk release instead of Gtk-3.14.
  • mac/gramps.modules: Upgrade pymodules for Python 3.8 compatibility.
  • Fix XML export when ‘Group-as” name contains XML invalid chars
  • Fix NarWeb: Province place-type is not displayed
  • Fix ManagedWindow so that new windows don’t appear offscreen when
    system ‘screen’ sizes change in part time multi-monitor setups.
  • Fix menus when db fails to open due to upgrade/downgrade etc.
  • Fix issue with attach source tool, results panel
  • Fix GEDCOM export; don’t include ADDR when address is missing
  • EditPlace: Allow Coordinates containing a comma instead of a period
  • NarrativeWeb:
    • Should show patronymic in individuals.
      In the individuals and in surnames pages, we should show the
      complete name like defined in the display tab from the narrative web
    • Fix Narrated Website Google Maps Output JS Warning SensorNotRequired
    • Fix incorrect link type for osm css files
    • Fix image size limit doesn’t match tooltip
  • Update all translations for changes from ‘Default’ to ‘Home’ Person
  • Change GUI references to ‘Home Person’ instead of ‘Default Person’
  • Use event attribute types in the event reference editor.
    In the event reference editor, custom event attribute types should
    be used rather than the default person attribute types.
  • Fix Verify tool bug caused by bad change in GObject introspection
  • Fix RemoveUnused tool for crash caused by Gtk introspection bug
  • Fix import test for change cause by previous change which was:
    Fix GEDCOM import for bad source title when sources precede references.
  • Fix GEDCOM import for bad source title when sources precede references.
  • Fix some reports for CLI where warning message about Value not found
  • Fix Genealogy Tree reports for crash in CLI
  • Add uistate to tree views filter initialization
  • Fix some Python syntax errors that appear in v3.8.x
  • Suppress age = 0 days in events list. If the reference event date is equal
    to the event date, don’t show the age except if the date is estimated,
    calculated, etc.
  • Fix Dashboard Gramplets to update during db close when not shown
  • Fix Windows GUI mode startup for crash with some languages
  • Fix dbapi to support “Abandon Changes & Quit” feature
  • Fix GrampsType for comparison bug with empty string as one value
  • Fix Date Display so that it uses LC_TIME if defined
  • Fix StyledText so serialize will match for style list order changes
  • Try to fix exceptions on ManagedWindow close
  • Fix Mac SQLite3 locale bug when locale contains non-ascii characters
  • Fix issue when Person has Same date of birth and death; gives an error.
  • Geography: add a popup for a bad tiles path
  • Fix GEDCOM export of estimated/calculated dates with modifers

See the changelog for more details.

You can obtain Gramps 5.1.3 from the GitHub release page.

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