Gramps 5.1.0 released

Version 5.1.0 – a new major release, has been released 2019-08-21.

Make sure to backup before you upgrade..

  • Bump required Python version to 3.3, Gtk version 3.12
  • Update translations: ca, cs, da, de, en_GB, eo, fi, fr, hr, hu, is, it,
    nb, nn, pl, po, pt_BR, ru, sl, sv, uk, vi
  • Change default database backend to SQLite
  • New feature to allow Filter Rules to be added via addons.
  • New feature to use Genealogical symbols. Includes support for views and
    reports. Edit/Preferences/Genealogical Symbols to enable.
  • New: On restart after crash, offer to run Check & Repair
  • New CLI commands; ‘safe’ mode and ‘default’ to help user with debugging
  • Narrative web fix:
    • some strings not translated
    • The confidence and the date are not translated in the family map page.
    • The date doesn’t use the specified date format.
    • Markers incorrectly placed. In the map pages, the markers are not placed
      where it should be. Reproducible when zoom in/zoom out.
    • Background not correctly set. If you use the Web_Basic-Cypress.css,
      the foreground and background use the same color, so you see nothing.
      You must hover the fields to see the text
    • Places list is not sorted depending on the selected language. If you
      start gramps in english or another language then try to generate a
      narrative web report in another language, the navigation alphabet is
      incorrect. This is true for the place list and the person list.
    • OSM forward all http resquest to https.
    • When we are on a mobile phone or a small device, we suppress the
      navigation tab. In place, we have a new icon on the upper left
      which is used to show the dropdown menu.
    • For Home, Introduction and Contact, If we have an image and this image
      contains regions, show the regions. We can go directly to the person page
      associated to this region. If we click on the image, we go directly to
      the associated media page. This will be true only if we selected
      “include images and media objects” and “create and only use thumbnail”
      is unselected
    • The first line identifying a family will be more legible.
      The link is not useful in the parents and pedigree section for the
      current person.
    • Adapt some css files.
    • sort the place references either by date or by name.
    • Add extra page to narrativeweb.
    • extrapage can now point to joomla, drupal, …
    • add enclosed by and encloses (place)
    • Add compact Ancestry trees using Buchheim/Walker algorithm
      This enhancement adds a new ‘compact’ field to the Narrated Web Report.
      A compact tree is one that is not a simple binary layout but uses the
      algorithm of Buchheim/Walker to create a layout that is sensible but also
      compact. Creating a compact layout is slower than a simple binary tree
      but the results are significantly improved and do not leave large areas
      of whitespace where there are no nodes to be shown.
    • Make relationships optional in narrative web
    • Option to have Places and Sources pages
    • Narrative should come first right after the name, gender and parent
      information in individual page
    • References section at the bottom of each place with people related to this
      place have birth year behind it in parenthesis
    • Sort “Surname” web page by given name and birth date.
    • Surname list doesn’t use default name format
    • Display Lat/Lon optionally on places list page
  • Update the uimanager to avoid deprecated Gtk warnings (changes things not
    visible to the user):

    • Add config option to use Toolbar Text
    • Fix duplicated accelerators in charts <ctrl>P for print is now
  • Geography:
    • fix pins very big when related to 2 places
    • add color for custom places name
  • fan charts view: Add option to show the Gramps ID in parenthesis in the fan
  • Gramps ‘Views’ are now named in the window header
  • Allow Home person to be set in Relationship and Charts/Pedigree view
  • Filter Rule editor, save pane position
  • Person Sidebarfilter:
    • Fix Person Sidebarfilter when using ‘Event’ and Reg expressions
    • In personsidebarfilter, search on each part of name Instead of requiring
      that the entire search string matches a single one of the Person’s names,
      the function will require that each word in the search string matches any
      of the Person’s name fields.
  • filters rule has attribute: Check all values of an attribute type and not
    only the first one.
  • filters rule have children person filter: Check all families of a person
    for children and not only the first
  • Graph reports:
    • Better typography in graph reports Replace hyphen with en-dash.
    • enable Graphviz node port selection, optionable. This enables the
      headport and tailport attributes for all edges in the Graphviz file.
      The default (off) value makes the arrows between persons and/or family
      nodes attach their ends to the respective node at any position. When this
      option is selected, the position facing the node on the other side of the
      arrow is always chosen.
    • Fix graphs on Windows for font selection not working
  • relationship graph:
    • Allow an option to not use hexagons for those of unknown gender
    • Father and Mother are connected by an invisible line.
    • Add an option to omit “irrelevant” family nodes
  • Family lines graph: Replace rounded corners checkbox by dropdown
    It now allows rounded corners to be set more explicitly for different
    genders (None/Male/Female/Both).
  • Hourglass graph:
    • Add Ahnentafel option on hourglass
    • Do not use hyphen for living persons in hourglass graph
  • edit link: Add a mailto choice to Internet Address
  • New Clean input data tool: New tool to suppress leading and trailing spaces.
    This tool is looking for people and place names with leading or/and trailing
    spaces. For each entry which contains leading or trailing spaces, a row is
    added in a table. You can see where the spaces are for each row as the name
    is underlined. If you double click on the row, you can edit the Place or
    the Person.
  • CSV import: Add occupation and residence events and attributes in the import
    User can now add the following columns in the csv import file for a person:

    • Occupation description
    • Occupation date
    • Occupation place
    • Occupation source
    • Residence date
    • Residence place
    • Residence source
    • Attribute type
    • Attribute value
    • Attribute source
      the corresponding events will be added to the person. The user can put
      several lines for the same person if two occupations are known, one event
      per line will be created.
    • Fix CSV import for multiple place enclosed by on multiple imports
  • Pro-Gen import: expanded functionality and fixed minor bugs.
  • Enhance layout of the preferences dialog
  • Webcal:
    • better help msg for the after year option.
    • Include only events after year
    • add death event
  • Edit Person/Family/etc. Gallery Tab: Add buttons for arrangement of
    GalleryTab media order
  • Add tooltip for Gramplet Bar To improve discoverability of the Gramplet Bar
    Menu (Currently a nameless down arrow at end of each Gramplet bar title tab)
  • Use theme settings for the error state of entry widgets. This avoids
    problems with dark themes.
  • vCalendar export: Convenient display on mobile devices.
  • Add first class support for Occupation attribute
  • Statistics chart:
    • Add option to hide empty information on statistics chart
    • the Statistics Chart report will show a year as an ordinal number in
  • Detailed descendant report: Show death/burial information only if person
    is probably dead
  • Birthday report:
    • Include death anniversaries as an option in the birthdays and anniversary
    • Added an option to the birthday report that allows for the year of birth
      (or in the case of a wedding it’s year) to be printed in the report.
    • Added symbols to the birthdays report showing the type of event
    • Fixed the birthday report so the dead icon is able to be set within the
      options window
    • Added a text option to have a string that will show after a persons name
      in the birthday and anniversary report. This works for both birthdays and
  • Selection Dialogs: fix to avoid long delay before display on large trees
  • Geography Maps:
    • Changed behavior of “Look up with Map Services” Removed the section that
      looked up by city, and country from the Map Services lookup for Google and
      Open Street Map.
    • Geocoding: associate a lat/lon to a place name
  • End of Line Report: sort generation during output
  • update the German date handler: added some missing Latin month names and
    some old German month names
  • Relative Gramplet: Person Relatives Tab should use the type from the
  • Fix crash when addon/plugin contains an id with space
  • Fix Delete dialogs: to support canceling the multiple deletes operation
    more easily
  • Fix Find Duplicate People; exception when deleting someone shown outside
    of the tool
  • Fix CLI import so that different db types can be used
  • MetaData Viewer Gramplet: Fix so that metadata is actually detected and
  • Fix exception when merging with active sidebar filter
  • Fix GEDCOM importer for SOUR/REFN combinations
  • Add support for GEDCOM import _FREL/_MREL tags in INDI/FAMC
  • Improve support for GEDCOM export of _FREL/_MREL in INDI/FAMC
  • The Windows installer should now support itself in the users language, and should pre-select the Gramps translation and dictionary files appropriate for that language

See the changelog for more details.

You can obtain Gramps 5.1.0 from the GitHub release page.

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