Gramps 4.2.6 released

The Gramps team releases version 4.2.6,
a maintenance release. Think on backup before upgrade!

Fixes and changes since 4.2.5 release:

  • Fix HasCitation rule in citation filter sidebar
  • Fix use of regular expressions
  • Date Editor had ‘Type’ and ‘Quality’ labels swapped
  • Fix FamilyGroup Report
  • Fix names not displayed in relationship graph
  • Fix outdated Bugtracker link in reporting wizard
  • Fix replacements in Ancestor tree
  • Fix Default Browser Setting
  • Fix linking place on OpenStreetMap view
  • Fix Family Lines Report having unescaped characters
  • Fix non-local character in DB name (Windows OS)
  • Fix checking for “event.string” in “treeview_keypress”
  • Fix invalid February 29th date in Julian dual-dated
  • Fix Note on CIR when it is attached to a (preferred or alternative) name through the names dialog.
  • Improve time loading for person selector in census forms
  • Fix incorrect SoundEx result
  • Fix Error printing on ancestor tree graphical report
  • Fix custom filter creation with ‘Events occurring on a particular day of the week’
  • Bug in the Name Editor / Group As
  • Gramps CSV export of Places did not generate correct Title.
  • Add custom Family Relations not shown in the filter siderbar
  • Fix non-textual value on Tag report
  • Fix ‘interface.dont-ask’ config key ignored on Note edition
  • Fix Reorder Relationships dialog
  • Shrink size of Break Lock (and other QuestionDialogs)
  • Only selection of Active or Home person if commited
  • Fix quick search exception when nothing in searched list
  • Fix problem adding parents
  • Fix bookmarks keybinding on Mac
  • Fix failure to load default gramplets if GExiv2 is missing or too old.
  • Update API doc for place displayer
  • Add datestrings to Turkish translation
  • Update translations: cs, de, fr, fi, hu, it, ru, sl, sv, tr

You can get Gramps 4.2.6 from the GitHub page.
See Changelog for more details.


In Memory of Peter Landgren who was an active contributor and translator since many years.



  • pst

    Great! Note that the top page still doesn’t mention this under “News & Releases”, though.

  • owai

    hello, when will this version be available (compiled) for windows?

  • rjerome



  • Steve Gilbert


    Thanks to everyone working on Gramps!

    I have tried to download the new release but couldn’t find how to proceed ounce the zipped file is downloaded.

    Could someone tell me what folder I should click in order to start the install process?



  • Melle

    Hi, note that the homepage does not show 4.2.6 version yet, only refers to 4.2.5. And on github there’s no windows download availablem for 4.2.6 yet either.

  • Dee

    Hi there. Any idea when the new 4.2.6 binary will be released for Windows 64-bit? I am itching to try out the new version of gramps.

  • 100gr


    I am quite new to this web site, I am seriously start thinking about
    finding out about my family history.

    I was thinking about giving a form to fill out to my relatives,
    and after to put everything in gramps.

    However, on gramps I cannot find a Geanology Form to print out

    I am looking for a form with all information that I will be able to gather
    and put inside of the gramps.

    If somebody can share such a form with me, I will be really appreciated.

    Thank you

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