Gramps 4.2.3 released

Today, the Gramps team releases version 4.2.3,
a maintenance release. Think on backup before upgrade!

Fixes and changes since 4.2.2 release:

  • Fix creation of the “graphic calendar report”
  • Fix “TypeError: ‘tuple’ object does not support item assignment
  • Fix experienced an unexpected error
  • Unable to build narrated web site
  • [NarrativeWeb report] Places index and Media index are incorrectly sorted
  • Error when trying to create narrative report (residence event)
  • Fix filter set by default on selector, ‘Show all’ button
  • Detailed Ancestors Report has ? for locations when [private data is excluded]
  • Age in the event family view column is wrong.
  • Crash when dragging multiple media items to clipboard
  • vCal Export File format invalid
  • Error occurs for Complete Individual Report — complete database
  • Narrated Web Site Report: places page is no longer sorted alphabetically
  • Narrative web: html elements emitted in different order
  • Narrative web: “errno: 1, operation is not permitted” when creating archive.
  • Narrative Web report further stops in error.
  • ODF file format on reports crashing for multiple lines on firstname
    * Fix multiple lines on gramps XML file via import or export
  • Fix scrolling in persons view after typing some letters
  • Location on geography view could not convert string to float
  • make typeout more accurate
  • Searching in people view when surnames are collapsed
  • Fix error when changing database in new locations gramplets
  • Error loading Participants add-on in French locale
  • Restores setting the stdout encoding to sys.getdefaultencoding() for Python3
  • Fix comment about getting the right encoding for stdout.
  • Date format does not match system.
    * Make US English a special-case locale, where en_GB is the default for english based locales
  • Enhance the Locations gramplet
    * New “Encloses” gramplet to the display places that the active place encloses
  • Individuals with incomplete names, not updated when name completed
  • Children gramplet in Family view does not get updated when a birth/death events are added to a child
  • Non-image media objects don’t appear in the main window gallery.
  • Pressing tab stops at element in gui places
  • Double-clicking on a source in the citation gramplet causes exception
  • “Find text in record” filter crash
  • Fix vCard Export
  • Notes used in the “To Do” gramplet are found by the Remove Unused Objects tool
  • Unable to select Unicode
  • Cannot import gedcom generated by RootsMagic custom place details ignoring PlaceName()
  • Fix people sorted by surname view
  • Complete Report about person (whole database) – PDF – crash
  • Update for travis
  • Only consider the values of LC_ALL, LANG, and LANGUAGE, in that order, when choosing the default locale.
  • New Icelandic date and relationships handlers
  • Fix Finnish translation in keywords of desktop entry
  • Updated and fixed translations: cs, de, el, fi, fr, hu, is, it, ru, sl, sv, uk

For changes before an upgrade, see also What is New? page.

You can get Gramps 4.2.3 from the GitHub page.

See Changelog for more details.


  • Sebastian

    Thank you very much to y’all, gals ‘n’ guys! 🙂

  • Joanne Cowan

    Hi – Am just taking up this big family project again and would love to have a mentor. Anyone interested in taking on this monumental task? It is just having someone there who can listen and guide… it helps with the confidence for those of us who are not really “techie”… thanks.

  • Donald H Bennett Jr

    I am sorry to say that I have Windows 10 and it will not allow me to download your x32 or even the x64 version of gramps. anyone have a suggestion on how to get around the melware restrictions in windows

  • Sue

    I wanted to download this update from your site today and Windows defender wouldn’t let me instal it due to Trojan:Win32/Fethar.B!cl – are you aware of this and have you resolved this issue?

  • Shelley

    Yeah, thanks so much. This is the best genealogy program out there!

  • Debbie

    Just upgraded to 4.2.3-1 and tried to generate a narrated website. Surnames and places are sorted alpha, but individuals are sorted by ID order.

  • Vic

    So sorry you have Windows, but isn’t Gramps a Linux application. I don’t run Windows. I know my research is safe on Ubuntu.

  • Ros

    If you are still interested re above queries – Windows 10 – Have you tried to right-click on download link for the file. Then select ‘save link as’. Hopefully, you can then chose the folder where you want to save it.
    If you have a problem installing it, when the notification comes up that it will not install, there should be a button on the message. When you click on this you get the option to install it anyway. You may have to be signed on as Administrator, or right-click on the install file and select run as Administrator.

    Windows Defender is not the best option for safety, it gives a lot of false positives. You can see how difficult it is to get MS to fix these – For this reason I do not use this. I use a very good free security suite – have done for years.

  • Nigel Reed

    I installed the latest GRAMPS and the latest Graphviz, however when I try and run reports I get a black box flash up followed by one that says “Error from external program” File does not exist. I’m using Windows 10 64 bit.

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