Gramps 4.2.2 released

On this new year, the Gramps team releases version 4.2.2,
a maintenance release. Think on backup before upgrade!

Fixes and changes since 4.2.1 release:

  • “Show all” checkbox of “Select Family” window not unchecked when the filter is cleared
  • Name of user defined filter is not shown
  • ErrorDialog and GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent
  • ‘Find’ is broken when used in the Family selector
  • Fix default selection in selectors
  • Comment currently-unused bogus wiki URL pointers
  • Fix counter for filtered entries and indentation on TreeBaseModel
  • Faulty headline in start up screen
  • Check that gramplet is in notebook before setting tab label
  • Fix creation of focus change events
  • Interactivesearch gives “TypeError: unorderable types: str() < NoneType()”
  • Put tag selection list in alphabetical order
  • Remove redundant code
  • Fix delete error in undoable entry widget
  • Fix deprecation warning
  • Re-enable selection in MultiTreeView on a grab_broken event
  • Add validation to gender field
  • Unhandled AttributeError when db.get_tag_from_handle returns None
  • ReferencedBySelectionProxy can forget some referenced tags
  • Remove encoding on stdout and stderr
  • Handle citation objects in glocale.trans_objclass
  • Maclocale fails because of byte/string convertion
  • Locality data in address was not imported
  • Can not download new or updated add-ons
    * Don’t check SSL certs when fetching addons
    * Catch urlopen TypeError when context arg isn’t supported
    * Fix undefined variable error
  • ValueError: underlying buffer has been detached
  • LaTeX backend crashes
  • Geography: performance issue due to bad initialization and performance issue when selecting the events or places views.
  • Narrated Web Site Report: html elements emitted in different order
  • Unused *_init.jpg are created in the narrated website
  • Some media files are not exported to the NAVWEB report
  • Narrative web report: add author to citations
  • TypeError: unorderable types: EventRef() < EventRef(), events list and family list are differents between two reports
  • Permission denied: change mtime to origin instead of destination
  • Thumbnails html file missing in the narrative web
  • Narrativeweb: Place title based on current date not that of the event
  • Webcal: make the month name clickable in the year overview page
  • ‘Narrative’ word not translatable
  • ‘Unknown’ spouse uses an harcoded string name on Simple Descendants textual report
  • Father/mother’s age attributes are not translated on reports
  • Improve Russian date handler and unittests
  • Mars month instead of Marzec on Polish locale (Date Editor)
  • Translations update: cs, de, fr, fi, nl, pl, ru, sv

For changes before an upgrade, see also What is New? page.

You can get Gramps 4.2.2 from the GitHub page.

See Changelog for more details.

Happy New Year!


  • Jack

    Can you import ftw files into gramps?

  • Jason Simanek

    Been a while since I’ve checked out Gramps on OSX. Looking good! Most of the UI text is now looking native and “retina” on my Retina MacBook Pro. Some of the lists must be using the older code – they still appear with the low-res text. And the top toolbar icons are comically huge and pixelated, but that can be hidden.

    Thanks for these many improvements!

  • Christian Muise

    How long before the windows release? Would like to get past some of the bugs stuck in 4.2.1 :p.

  • Harley

    Thanks for keeping the project going. It just keeps getting better!

  • Matt

    Would anyone be able to comment on the web version of gramps, or of an Android version?

  • Alf

    How are languages handled in the program. I cannot find how to change program language and / or report language?

  • Luciano Evaristo Guerche

    I am using Family Group report and it is great. Just wanted it to display photo on the right corner or reserve space when photo is not available. How/Where do I request such feature?

  • Homers_halie

    Hello! I’ve just discovered Gramps and would like to start using it and contributing at whatever level I can. I’m a technical writer and low-level developer (I’ve done some VBscript programming with the Microsoft Object Model, moving info to and from SharePoint to for example PPT and Excel.) It sounds crazy but I haven’t even installed it yet–going purely off of your documentation and coparing it with experiences I’ve had with other systems. When I do install, it will be a Windows version, as the only Linux I have in this house is my Raspi.

    At this moment my personal passion is to develop a usable format for displaying genealogy on Google maps. I’ve displayed my own tree in primitive format already. I am eager to use the Google Earth plugin. However, I would also like to support the gramps-connect project, if there are any embers of it left still burning. It looks like the last comment on the Wiki about that was over a year ago.

  • Mickey

    Please build an 4.2.2-win32 or 4.2.2-win64 version. Whenever you want to add an dead or marriage event the entire program crashes on windows.

  • Mike

    Can’t recomend to update since the latest Windows build 4.2.1 is useless because of bugs. One can’t even even add an marriage or death date. It crashes every time. It’s a.well known bug and is fixed with 4.2.2 only in Mac or Linux builds.

  • SK

    Nice. I’ve installed the Windows version without any problem.

  • Kewl

    Very nice program. Thank you guys for developing this.

    What is the parameter after “$” to display the address of a person on graphical report descendant tree?

  • UrZaDe

    I have a problem with the translation of gramps into Spanish in graphical reports, I use version 4.2.2, when I make the report instead of putting me Hijo or Hijos (in Spanish) I get as son or children in English
    I have not found a way to contact the translator, can you ask? It’s important, I need the graphics for an exhibition in a few months

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