Gramps 4.2.1 released

Two months after ‘4.2.1‘ release, the Gramps team releases version 4.2.1,
a maintenance release. Think on backup before upgrade!

Fixes and changes since 4.2.0 release:

  • Support for Retina and HiDPI Display, added 24px icons
  • Fix verification tool with “Estimate missing or inexact dates”
  • Fix missing link in hourglass graph report
  • Sort custom place types in editors
  • Allow Easter calculation with python3
  • Fix crash on Descendants-detailed report
  • FanChartDescendants View should at least have 2 generations
  • Allow hyphenated gramps-id in Graphviz reports
  • Complete Individual Report fails to run
  • Fix broken wiki help links
  • Set TextOption widget to expand vertically
  • Unused Object Dialog box too small
  • Short cut keys does not work in ‘Change Event Types’ dialog
  • Update some Tips of the day
  • Error when extracting place names
  • Custom filters for note text repaired
  • Fix Pedigreeview crash when selecting Compact view
  • Set “visable_window” in GtkEventBox to fix transparency
  • Faster scrolling
    * cache database access for column values
    * cache do_get_path lookups
    * speed up load access on treeviews with no filters
    * new LRU size of 1k (was 250)
    * use cache in do_get_path from siblings
  • Avoid using person-centric date matching for places
  • Use place title as default name in GEDCOM import
  • Ensure place names are not empty after upgrade
  • Fix proxy to include all referenced place objects
  • Fix bug that prevented any addons being loaded onto the Mac version
  • Remove copy button from family tree manager
  • Consistency for name fields on Person Editor
  • [Geography] Place.set_name(name) requires a PlaceName()
  • [Geography] Fix and improvements on place selection
  • Limit problems with existing selection in media reference editor
  • Stability fixes on Mac port
  • Mac port localization crash with non-standard locale (e.g. en_IT).
  • Fix color on history
  • Fix countries selector for holidays
  • Fix missing markups into textual reports
  • All sidebars with Types now show custom types in combo list
  • [New] Added Places to CSV import/export
  • Some fixes on installer (
  • Various improvements on gen.plug.utils
  • Fix graph reports [in Greek locale]
  • New date handler for Hungarian locale
  • Updated translations : cs, de, el, en_GB, fi, fr, hu, is, sv

For changes before an upgrade, see also What is New? page.

You can get Gramps 4.2.1 from the download page.

See Changelog for more details.


  • Ron

    Holy crap. When I install this thing it installs someone’s entire Linux distro? Why do you need like 50,000 files for this thing? It installs the entire Python and Perl runtimes and all kinds of nonsense! Cellular phone libraries??

  • Sally

    I am in over my head with this program. I downloaded this version and can no longer access my family tree. I didn’t realize that there was no support for non technical people.
    Is there anyone that can help or do I have to abandon my family tree and go with a more commercial geneology product?


  • lizzy

    Sorry about this but I cannot get Gramps to load on my mac laptop…. I wondered what I am doing wrong, I cannot find an installation manual, and do not know what kind of mac I have…it is quite old, (like me) perhaps I should download an older version? perhaps I need lots of other software I don’t have. can anyone help me out here please? sorry again, and I also cannot find anywhere to post this except here…..

  • vet

    I downloaded Gramps Intel 4.2.1. on my Mac book (OS X Yosemite) but when I double click on Gramps icon nothing happens.

    Any idea how to fix it?

    I have already removed Gramps 4.0.x, so I can no more open my database.

    Is it possible to download old releases?


  • Clara

    I am very interested in gramps. I just started to gather information from my family and I have as early as the 1700s. I have made 4 atttempts to download gramps, 32 bit and 64 bit. and I was unsuccessful. I get this message that says: ” Installer Integrity has failed…. at the end of the message it says more info at :
    i HAVE WINDOWS 7 PROFESSIONAL. I am a simple PC user, I don’t know much about computers. Can you help me please? I hope so.
    Thank you kindly,

  • vet

    Why did you cancel my comment without answering? Your support is a shame.

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