Gramps 3.4.9 released

11 months after ‘3.4.8‘ release, the gramps team has released version 3.4.9.

The “I am no longer infected”, a maintenance and bug fix release.

This is a maintenance release designed for still running gramps with gtk2.

The database is common between version 4.0.x and 3.4.x branch, most differences are into interface and there is some specific features into 4.0.x, based on new technologies, like into Fan Chart and Geography views.

The database is not common between version 4.1.x and 3.4.x branch.

Changes since version ‘3.4.8’ are:

  • Error converting python2 utf-8 strings to python3 str when loading data from database
  • Gedcom input: SUBN and SUBM record handling
  • [Gedcom] import/export round trip causes lost information
  • [Gedcom] Gramps can’t import estim. date period exported by itself
  • [Gedcom] import deletes first char of notes
  • [Gedcom] import of embedded notes attached to media does not work
  • [Gedcom] NameError in importer
  • [Gedcom] export does not export media attached to citations
  • [Gedcom] Errors handling owner/submitter information
  • [Gedcom] Event address is lost on import, i.e. disconnected from event
  • [Gedcom] Entering a witness to an event such as marriage might be ignored
  • [Gedcom] Importing file containing multibyte UTF-8 characters fails
  • Event list in editors does not display content into ‘Main Participants’ column
  • Fix ‘Last Change’ column into Person Selector
  • Support creating directories in various scenarios
  • tag_map is not initialized
  • Fix bad handle in explanation note for unknown event
  • Narrative website: Missing webpage for media with missing thumbnail on person page
  • Enable the “default” CSS choice for the narrated web report
  • Crash while scrolling in person view
  • Crash when attempting to create Places Report
  • Error in Session Log gramplet with no active person
  • In Ahnentafel Report, Use Christening Date if no Birth Date Present
  • Family with children but no parents is lost on filtered export
  • Some labels now fit better on citations sidebar filter
  • Can’t disable box shadow in SVG descendant tree
  • Descendant tree graphical report, syntax error in svg output
  • Various problems with docgen.TextDoc.add_media_object
  • Spurious spaces in CLI List Family Trees, tab delimited output. Print statements changed to assemble the whole line before output.
  • GuiColorOption missing avail-changed event handler
  • Regression: running gramps from crontab fails
  • Better support for handling custom media attributes on edition
  • DB lock not checked when opening database from the recent opened trees menu item
  • List index out of range” on [initial CLI “gramps -t”]
  • HTML View fails to load on Debian unstable
  • Fix unknown gender relationships hander for the french locale
  • Can’t fill in calculated and estimated dates in czech locale
  • Enhance Serbian date handler to handle Cyrillic dates
  • Updated translations: cs, de, fr, hu, it
  • Fix mac menubar setting
  • Fix mac OsmGpsMaps setting
  • Enable PIL with Freetype2 support on mac

See the Changelog for more details.

The latest releases can always be found on our Sourceforge page.

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  • Zoltan Kiraly

    I have not used my Gramp for a while (4-5 years), and I just recently upgraded to version 3.4.9.
    Since the update, I receive this error message:
    Cannot open database – (-30974, ‘DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error, run database recovery — process-private: unable to find environment’)
    The message also suggests that I should downgrade to an earlier version and export my data to xml.
    Please send me some info, which version should I install, and where can I download it from.
    Thank you.

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