Gramps 3.4.7 released

On this new year, the Gramps team releases version 3.4.7.

The “Ask me tomorrow, but not today”, a maintenance and bug fix release.

Changes are:

  • Add new filter rule matching citations having a source with a on a note
  • Add primary role option to event filter
  • Add Groups support and reduce number of lines in Event types selector
  • Add ‘Last Change’ column on selectors, when missing
  • Fix a filter rule on citation sidebar (Source:Note)
  • Fix url in Welcome gramplet when detached
  • Fix bug in associations filter
  • Better support for objects having citations as subobjects
  • Check Tag handling on people views
  • Keep at least one column on views
  • Reorder tool now updates citation IDs
  • Performance improvement in ancestor filter
  • Better support on GEDCOM file format for tags like family _UID, add support for _FSFTID, by Enno Borgsteede
  • Reduce number of columns in LDS temple selector
  • Fix menu action for last recently opened family trees
  • Fix minor visual issue on Merge Person dialog
  • Use ‘Bat Mitzvah’ (en_US event name)
  • “Add citation” missing in pop-up menu
  • Improvements on image region handling
  • Some fixes on images for ODF file format, thanks to Matthias Basler for the initial patch
  • Fix HTML spacing on GraphViz output
  • Various fixes related to bookmark handling in navigation views
  • Invalid dates (like 2013-02-30) no longer crash the date editor or file import
  • Enhancement on date validation into Date Editor
  • Various fixes on date handling
  • Consistent GUI confirmation during bulk deletions
  • Multiple maintainability and usability improvements.
  • Better documentation for name
  • Update holidays for France
  • Translation update: de, fr, ru

See the Changelog for more details.

The latest releases can always be found on our Sourceforge page.

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