Gramps 4.0.0-beta released

One month after Gramps 4.0.0 alpha5, the Gramps Developers have released: the first Gramps 4.0.0 beta release. This is a preview, so use for testing!

It is recommended to use Gramps 4.0.0 with python 3.2 so as to be ready for the future (python 2.7 works though).

The dependencies for Gramps 4.0.0 are completely different than 3.4 due to the switch to GObject introspection, and the removal of autotools. So only install 4.0.0 if you are certain you can obtain the dependencies, see README and INSTALL files.

Major enhancements in Gramps 4.0.0:

More info in the manual.
Everybody is invited to update the manual to make it current!

Changes since alpha5:

  • solidify detection for locale and date environment
  • prevent DB corruptions related to environment (python and bsddb versions)
  • some fixes on bytes, python3, encoding issues
  • some fixes on CLI, draw and textual reports
  • bug fixes on interface, editors, widgets, tree models, handles manager
  • bug fixes on tools, exporter, name, quick views
  • fixes on proxies (references, filters)
  • fix on narrativeweb report
  • fix on book report
  • fix on grampletbar and citations gramplet
  • callback support for TAG class
  • improvement on version (versioning)
  • Gedcom: improvements on ADDR tag and Repositories support
  • better logging
  • better support for pro-gen file format
  • some updated translations

You can download Gramps 4.0.0-beta for testing only from sourceforge unstable section.


  • Jeff

    I was wanting to know have you ever thought of a individual profile that was more descriptive in nature. like when you search for an individual it will have all alias’s, weight, height, color of hair and eyes, identifying marks ( scars,burns,tattoos), physical defects.

    Also have you considered a search engine that looks for specific traits like those above.

    Last thing is there a way to develop a solution for permanently attaching pictures inside the database? that way its not trying to locate the pictures in a folder that might not exist anymore.

  • Dave Lyon

    Any screenshots of the forthcoming Gramps 4?

  • Benny

    See the 4.0 manual in the documentation section.
    Section What’s new has screenshots of the most prominent new features, the manual of the other parts. It all depends on the theme though how it actually looks

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