Gramps 3.4.2 released

Today, we released version 3.4.2 “We’re all individuals!“, a maintenance (“bug fix”) release.

  • Some fixes on NarrativeWeb report
  • Some fixes on book report
  • Improvement on database path interface and user’s preferences
  • Consistency on Name display and regex support
  • Some platform-specific fixes for Windows system environment
  • Better support for media links on Gedcom file format
  • Fix possible incorrect family relations on Gedcom file format
  • Various fixes on citation records
  • Fix and improve places handling on Geography views
  • Fix on command line arguments
  • Consistency on PDF file format
  • New language: Greek
  • Various updated translations
  • See the changelog for more details.

The latest releases can always be found on our Sourceforge page.


  • Dan Tokar

    Will 3.4.2 upgrade, or does it have to be installed new and the prior file imported?

  • Duncan Lithgow

    It is always recommended for upgrades that you export your data to XML and import it freshly into the new version. In practise though it’s seldom a problem – but when it is a problem… so don’t go there if you don’t have to.


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