Gramps 3.3.2 “The Knights who say ‘Ni'”

Version 3.3.2 of Gramps!The Knights who say ‘Ni’“, a bug fix release.

  • Expressive error when trying to load familytree with downgraded Berkeley db
  • Fix in the image offset calculation (MediaRef Editor)
  • Improved focus and bug fixes on Editors
  • Enhancements on ODT file format
  • Improved synchronization on gramplets
  • Export, filtering and database log improvements
  • Call of living proxy is more accurate when using NarrativeWeb report
  • Fixes on Check and Repair, Sort Events and Clipboard tools
  • Fix automate version
  • Fixes on PedigreeView (database state and mouse events)
  • Various fixes and improvements on merge code
  • Minor fixes on report interface and output
  • Various fixes on Narrative and Web Calendar reports
  • Minor issues on Gedcom handling
  • Cleanup
  • Add Japanese holidays (reports)
  • Add a Relationship calculator for Catalan
  • More than 50 bug fixes and improvements
  • Translations update : ca, cs, da, de, es, fr, hr, hu, it, nb, nl, nn, pl, sv, zh

This is the second and last bug-fix release on 3.3.x branch. As usual, you’ll find the various 3.3.2 packages available on SourceForge over the next few days.

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