Gramps 3.3.1 “The Tenth Anniversary Edition”

Version 3.3.1 of Gramps!The Tenth Anniversary Edition“, a bug fix release.

  • translation updates: ca, cs, de, fr, hr, it, nb, nl, pl, pt_br, sk, sl, sv, uk, zh_cn
  • new languages in this release: ja (Japanese), vi (Vietnamese)
  • 36 bugs closed since v3.3.0 [1]
  • 79 translation commits since v3.3.0
  • 189 code commits since v3.3.0
  • ten years since v0.1.1 was first released
  • “Thank you!” to Donald Allingham, The Gramps Developers, translators, and our every day users

This is our first bug-fix release since the new feature release of 3.3.0 a few months ago.  As usual, you’ll find the various 3.3.1 packages available on SourceForge over the next few days.


  • Albert D. Gouveia

    Congratulations on the tenth anniversary. I started using gramps in 2006 just as it started picking up steam. Using gramps is an extremely happy experience.

  • Richard castle

    just installed used paper before so lots of data entry to do. Looks a great program.

  • Sigg3

    Congratulations on the great work!
    You’re a true alternative to the paid closed-source softwares.

  • Romain Quidet

    Congrats for this piece of software, really nice to use! Started too in 2007, on Linux, now switch to MacOS. Really useful to keep family memories!

    Romain, France

  • M. T.

    Thank you people!

  • David Heaver

    Happy birthday Gramps! Great program which keeps getting better. Well done.

  • Rob

    Is there a PPC version of this program for Mac? (I have Mac OS 10.4 for a PPC-based Mac)?

  • Michaël

    Six years since I first discovered gramps! Congratulations for the 10th anniversary…

    The recent option to include links to gramps items in the notes is great- thanks!

  • Zissis

    Congratulations! On it’s first decade, Gramps is Number One. It is not a compliment, it is the truth. Great developing team, great community, great tool…
    Long Live Gramps!

    [Any plans for a Greek translation? P-p-p-please?]

  • gburto01

    Hello Zissis
    There can be a Greek version of Gramps only when a Greek speaker (who also knows English) comes forward to provide a translation. Gramps stores all the English strings which require translation in a single file, so a (potential) Greek translator needs to take a copy of this file and provide translations of each string in Greek and, ideally, maintain the file over time as new strings are added. If you want to see a Greek version of Gramps and are willing and able to translate English to Greek, then please contact us on the Gramps Development mailing list.

  • Gioto

    Hi Rob,

    >Is there a PPC version of this program for Mac? (I have Mac >OS 10.4 for a PPC-based Mac)?

    Yes, follow this direct link:

  • Rodrigo

    Great Job! I love this program. Thanks!!!!!

  • Yves

    Congratulations to the team ! I love Gramps and use it almost every day.

  • Jaime

    Congratulations on the tenth anniversary! I have been using this application for several years and I have a few people using it as well. Absolutely the best! Thank you.

  • OF

    Wonder if Gramps available with Norwegian language?

  • Jason Simanek

    Well, our user manual is, so I’m guessing the application is also translated: Hope this helps.

  • Jerry

    Can I use zh_TW Chinese (Traditional) in Mac version?

  • Louisa History

    I am trying to help a local historical society manage data. They have a small Gramps database – about 200 individuals.
    I am not a programmer but have MSAcess database experience.
    I’d like to know
    1) if it is possible to see/print image of the database structure?
    2) if it is possible to export a report of all events and all the individuals related to each and every event?


  • Shadyman

    Congrats on 10 years!
    I’m loving the fact that you can note details (like where information came from) on even the smallest piece of data. Commercial software doesn’t necessarily give you that option.

    Metadata at its best!

  • Hoa Huynh

    Congratulations on the tenth anniversary. Greats software I know. Please make it work on Android. Thanks a lot!

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