Gramps 3.3.0 is now available!

Over the weekend of June 11-12 2011, we released the newest feature-filled version of Gramps:  v3.3.0.  Our beta from several weeks ago didn’t generate much feedback.  For that reason, we decided to skip beta2 and go directly to “release”.  Knowing this is a x.0 feature release, we know we’ll likely have to issue a 3.3.1 fix relatively soon to address issues as they come up.

Here is part of the release e-mail with information on some of the big changes available in 3.3.0:

  • many translation updates: Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Irish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Swedish, Ukrainian, and more!
  • new “person name” dialog and workflow with better (or new!) support for nickname, complicated multiple surnames, patronymic as surname, family nickname, and name format preferences
  • gramplet bottombar and sidebar per view, with new gramplets such as details view and image metadata viewer/editor
  • ability to tag objects; this is the next version of what used to be called “markers” in previous versions of Gramps
  • geography view now uses osm-gps-map
  • new locality field in the place editor; hierarchy is now:  Country, State, County, City, Locality, Street
  • automatic check and upgrade of plugins on startup
  • improved merge support of objects
  • better descendant/ancestor tree reports
  • undo/redo on entry fields (CTRL+Z, CTRL+SHIFT+Z)
  • backup option in the exporter
  • exporter based on filters with preview
  • many more changes; see What’s_new

As always, you can download the latest version of Gramps from our Sourceforge page:

Let us know what you think of Gramps v3.3.0!

Stéphane Charette


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  • Patrick Vijgeboom

    Hi guys,

    Nice work with this release. Because there was not much feedback on the beta release, there are a some bugs to solve.

    The new features are great which will improve my productivity. By the way, what is the most stable release at the moment?

  • cylverbak

    I tried v3.3 yesterday and although it’s probably a great release I can’t use it.

    I use Gramps on my desktop and on my 10″ netbook and keep the databases synchronized between them. The netbook is my “Library” tool away from home. Both machines are running linux.

    Even with the sidebar and bottombar views unchecked, the screen area used by 3.3 makes the netbook much more difficult to use. Couple that with the fact that the database format has changed and is not backward compatible with 3.2.6 precludes the option of using 3.3 on my desktop machine and 3.2.6 on my netbook.

    So for the time being, I’ll stick with 3.2.6. Thank you for the continuing development of Gramps.

  • Rogier

    Thanks for the update. I am very happy with the tags functionality; that is exactly what I wanted.
    However, there are two nuisances that I hope can be fixed in the next version.

    1) Lots of things are slower: changing the active person in Ancestry -> Pedigree view, and also changing the active person in People view.
    2) The new ‘black banner’ that deceased persons show in Pedigree view is annoying, and I’d like to turn it off; that’s apparently not possible.

  • Dan

    I have to agree with an earlier post, with the side and bottom bars all turned off, the screen is using a format that is too wide for my desktop or laptop. Would be nice if it used the default screen display values. I have been a strong advocate of Gramps for quite a while, but have suggested that most folks may want to hold off upgrading at this point. Granted I have only tried the Linux version so far, will play with other versions over the weekend. I am hoping for more comments here and in the Gramps group on Facebook, to see how others are about the changes.

  • Benny

    As far as I’m aware of, apart from the bottombar and sidebar, the screen for the views is just the same. If problems with screen sizes, please bring them to the attention of the developers: create a ticket on the bug tracker, and attach screenshot of 3.2.6 and what in 3.3.0 is annoying. Only like that these things can be tackled.

    Or are you talking about some editors that are too wide?

    About slow for changing people: check if this is still the case if you have no gramplets in the grampletview/bottom-sidebars. One bad gramplet (or third party view) that updates also when not shown can destroy performance, but we need to know (if it is due to a gramplet) what gramplet causes the problems.

    For the black banner, do a feature request. The view configuration is a logical place to set such things.

  • Calvin

    Also note that GRAMPS is available as a portable application (run the entire program from your thumb drive without installing on the host PC).

  • Jop

    I don’t know, but the new name-screen does not work in the way I suspect (or it complete doesn’t work). It show nice with a lot of possibility’s. But how to use ….

  • Cylverbak

    Benny, you are absolutely correct about adjusting the view. The default view is different in 3.3.0 and it never occurred to me that it was adjustable. My apologies and I am now a happy 3.3.0 user.

  • Pogus

    I noted that one fix included some fixes for web reports. I am trying to create a website which includes ALL living people (I intend to publish it secured by login with https). I don’t seem to be able to do this currently (running on Windows 7) (Am I just not doing it right?) Thanks.

  • J.R.S.

    How long ’til there’s a version that works with OS X Lion? I’ve upgraded from Snow Leopard (which Gramps was working with) and now can’t access the software any more (though I’ve checked that none of the data is lost) until an upgrade is published… Is there anything I can do to get it to work in the meantime?

  • Zissis

    I have been using Gramps for more than 3 years and I believe it is the best genealogy software available. I am a Windows user. Until now I have been using the native linux version (running Ubuntu on my Windows PC with VirtualBox) because I found it worked better than the Windows version of Gramps. I upgraded to 3.3.0 and it worked fine for me. It gets even better.
    With the 3.3.0 release, I tried to check again the Windows version. So I used GrampsAIO (this great installer with all the dependancies included) and I must tell you that I am very pleased with it. It runs smoothly and it produces great results.
    I would like to congratulate you on your continuous effort to improve this excellent piece of software. I believe that the GrampsAIO will attract even more potential users who were perhaps previously discouraged. Keep up the good work and we will spread the word!

  • J.R.S.

    NB. The newly-released 3.3.1 beta version is also not working with OS X Lion – the Gramps icon bounces in the dock for a few seconds, and then disappears. Please release a fixed version for Lion – I don’t want to lose months’ worth of research.

  • expat

    Looks like it doesn’t work with Mac Tiger. Won’t even launch..

  • Benny

    For the Mac users with problems, please submit bug tickets. We have however only one person creating the Mac packages, and it clearly is not always that easy to create a stable package. Make also sure you download the most recent Mac package, and retry if a new one appears.

  • Tony Sweeney

    the “Graph View” plugin ( requires, which isn’t included in the windows installer

  • ifs

    The gramplet Placecompletion is great! on linux

    I complete all Location of my base 15 000 Individual with latitude and longitude for Canada and France city.
    Places are located on map! Beautiful.

    Loading gedcom is fast from Heredis.
    I did a overview of the 3.3.0-2 AIO. Its is one of the best genealogy softare now!
    Thanks to Developper teams

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