Gramps 3.2.6 released!

The Gramps Developers are happy to announce a new bug fix release:

Version 3.2.6 — the “So far, so good.” bug fix release.

Highlights of fixes in this release include:

  • fix memory leaks
  • fix corrupted reports
  • fix crash in gramplets
  • fix gedcom import and export
  • import speed improvements
  • NarrativeWeb fixes
  • prevent corrupting databases
  • various other small fixes
  • many translation updates

Our SourceForge download page already has the 3.2.6 source tarball and a Ubuntu 10.x .deb file available for download. As our usual packagers forward me links to their .rpm, .exe, and various other files, I will upload them to:
There is a bug on NarrativeWeb.
Please, packagers and users should use this version, users can easily install it via Help->Plugin Manager->Install Addons and selecting to install this addon.

Best regards,
Stéphane Charette


  • Vassilii

    Can you please post a step-by-step guide for Ubuntu users who want to install the provided deb on how to install the right on top of it? the last line seems very cryptic right now.

  • Rob

    Downloaded this program for my PPC-based G4 Mac running Mac OS 10.4.11. GRAMPS could not be launched in my system. 🙁

  • claude callender

    I linked to you site at and, due to my ignorance, I have no idea which file to download in order to upgrade Gramps. I presently have Gramps and thought I would upgrade to 3.2.6. I don’t want to mess anything up, as it was hard enough to download Gramps to start with.I have Windows Vista. Which file do I download?
    Claude Callender

  • Benny

    Rob, there where errors in the Mac package. I believe the current version on sourceforge is now correct, so please redownload and install again. Not sure how stable for PPC however, you should ask the packager.

    Claude, the AIO (all in one installer) should work great for vista and not give issues. On Win 7 some people report problems with Drag and Drop, not sure yet if that is general.

  • Arethusa Adrien


    Earlier I had to change platforms from Ubuntu to Win XP. AFAIK Drag and Drop to the Clipboard did not work on Win XP 3.2.5-1 and does not work in the current 3.2.6-1.
    update: comment on bug #4894

  • Vassilii

    Claud: you might enjoy Doug’s guidance for a quick fix over at

    Or wait until there’s a full bundle for your platform prepared by a packager, already with the fixed NarWeb inside.

  • coolrat

    Perhaps this is the wrong place to ask, but I’ll ask anyway.

    Is there a feature in GRAMPS that allows it to draw vertical GENOGRAMS simlar to the diagrams created by GenoPro? I want to use GRAMPS to collect info on, and map out the relationships among the descendents of religious groups that I am studying.

    I have been considering GRAMPS for a long time, and am a very big supporter of open source movement, but have not been able to get an output similar to the genogram of GenoPro.

    I need that because it looks similar to the geneaology trees that my informants use.

    Thanks for any advice! And thanks for a great application.

  • Jason Simanek

    @coolrat: I think Gramps can do what you’re asking, but you should try asking the question on the “users” mailing list. I’m sure you’ll get directed in the right direction there:

    http: //

    But also take a look at the variety of “reports” that Gramps can output here:

    http: //

  • Micha? Paluchowski

    Hey, anyone working on a build for Windows? I’m keen on upgrading 🙂

  • Nikita

    Yes, a Windows version would be nice.

  • Dan

    Too hard to get working on Win-7-64 so I had to try another package. Reports seemed goo, but it jsut did not open or wor


  • HH

    I am new at using this type of software. I have the portable Gramps version on my USB.
    How do you save your database?
    More important, how do you open it next time?
    I think I am saving it, but cannot find it when I re-enter the program.

  • Worsie

    I tried to install it on Windows XP and Windows 7, to many challenges, additional software required. Tried to download and install additional software (GTK, pygtk, pygobject, pycairo) but without success.

  • Benny

    For windows, always use the AIO (all in one) package first. The 3.3.0 package is working good for many people, so consider using that.

    @HH: Don’t know how the portable version works, but Gramps works with a database which is too complicated to just show to users. They are stored in a fixed place normally, and called “Family Tree” in Gramps. The Family Tree menu and Family Tree Manager should give you an overview of the Family Trees that are available.
    If you want to know where they are stored, look in Preferences at the directory given in the box: database path. So the portable version should put that to something on the pen drive, or otherwise it would be stored on the computer you plug the pen in…
    Anyway, for a human readable backup, use the export to xml file, which saves all your data in a way that is easy to read and parse (not media files however!). In 3.3.0 the export box has a backup line to make sure privacy options don’t filter out data on export.

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