Gramps on The Screen Savers in 2002

Gramps turns 10 years old on April 21 this year. I know it’s more than a month off, but to celebrate I wanted to find an old episode of The Screen Savers from 2002 that did a short segment on Gramps. Unfortunately all of the old links, specifically the one that Don linked to in his post “Looking Back Over 5 Years” from 2006, are now broken. I looked and looked this past weekend to no avail.

Desperate times call for desperate measures: I sent an email to G4 asking them if there was any chance that they could make this ancient Oct. 3, 2002 episode of The Screen Savers available for viewing online again. To my delight the Webmaster and Derek Snowden (Director, New Media Editorial) were feeling generous and went to the trouble of making the Gramps segment of this video available for viewing!

I have embedded that video below in all its glory. After watching it I can appreciate where Gramps started and especially how much more advanced it is today.

Please thank the folks at G4 for sharing this little bit of Gramps history!


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  • dsblank

    Wow, what a role for Gramps to have played… introducing many people to the notion of open source/free software.

    It was a very solid program, even in 2002.

    Nice history lesson, Jason!

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