Gramps Development History Visualization

Gramps, The Movie

Gramps stores all of the changes made to its source code into a repository. Recently I stumbled onto a tool for visualizing repository file changes over time, called gource. Of course, I had to visualize these changes, watch the history of Gramps, and uploaded it to YouTube.

This visualization shows all changes to Gramps between Feb 15, 2003 and Oct 6, 2010 compressed into 8 minutes. Developers zap their changes to the source code which is represented as a graph. Most recent changes take center stage, while unedited sections fade from view. Many people have contributed to Gramps in many ways over the years, and no sign of relenting.


  • Foppe Benedictus

    Nice to see!
    BTW I think you forgot the title for this post.

  • Jason Simanek

    @Foppe: Thanks for pointing that out. We’ve added a title.

  • Jason Simanek

    Wow, Doug. Thanks for this. Fascinating to see how BUSY our developers have been and how the complexity of the codebase has increased over time.

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