Soon-to-be-released: Gramps 3.2.3

Discussions are on-going on the Gramps development mailing list about when to release Gramps 3.2.3.  We’re trying to balance bug fixes with our re-introduced code freezes prior to a release.  This is something we chose to implement between 3.2.1 and 3.2.2 to help ensure we don’t introduce last-minute instability just prior to a release.  The hard part, of course, is trying to determine if anyone is even using the code-frozen version of Gramps looking for broken features and regressions.  With a relatively small development team working off SVN, I worry a bit that the period of code freeze may not fix the problem we were trying to solve.  If all it does is slow down developers, or cause developers extra pain by making them queue up their fixes, then we’re not getting the benefit we desire.  Time will tell.

Regardless, Gramps 3.2.3 is currently scheduled for late evening on Sunday May 16.  To our many users:  keep using 3.2.2 for now.  File bug reports as always, or join the discussion on the mailing lists.  And look for the next version of your favourite genealogy software to be released at the tail end of this upcoming weekend.

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  • Doug Blank

    In a perfect world, the stable branch would always be stable, and we could release at any time. But we have more developers than ever (especially if you count addon developers) at various levels of experience. And, Gramps is being run by a large number of people in many more environments than it ever has been before (32-bit, 64-bit, Windows, Mac, standard Linux distros, etc.). So it isn’t surprising that we’ve had to adapt our process a bit. Thanks, Stéphane, for being flexible, and for all that you do in making a release happen!

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