On this Day in History

In this post, I thought I would highlight a couple of Quickviews having to do with dates in history.

First up is the Calendar Gramplet. At first glance, this appears to just be a calendar widget. You can put the Calendar Gramplet on any gramplet pane by right-clicking in an open area, and selecting “Add a gramplet” and then “Calendar Gramplet” from the popup menus. You should see a screen that looks like something like:

Gramplet view with Calendar Gramplet

If you put the calendar on a particular date, and double-click the day of the month number, you will run a special Quickview report called “On this Day”. This Quickview shows three different lists: events on this exact day, events on this month/day in history, and other events that happened during the same year as this month/day:

A related gramplet is the Age on Date Gramplet. If you open it next to the Calendar Gramplet, you can drag a date from the calendar over to the text entry area of the Age on Date Gramplet, or enter a date manually like you enter any date in Gramps (such as “Jan 3, 1774”, “4 Jun 1678”, “about 1700”, etc.). This will compute everyone’s age in the family tree, and show their age on that date (if they were alive):

This is very useful for finding people the right ages on a particular date.

If you find these tools useful for finding something interesting, let us know.


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