Say ‘hello’ to Gramps 3.2.2

Gramps 3.2.2 (the “Mea navis aëricumbens anguillis abundat” release) was released late last night.  Turns out we had a serious enough problem in 3.2.1 that it made sense to have a follow-up 3.2.2 release after just 3 days.  Oops…

Having said that, there has been some discussion on the Gramps development mailing list about stability.  Most notably, about how our most stable branch, 3.2.x, was not only disrupted, but that we somehow released from that branch.  A bit of this is due to bad luck — about 20 minutes after I tagged the 3.2.1 release, another developer noticed the problem and reverted that changes in question.  So the good news is we were on the lookout for such a destabilizing change.  But definitely, one of the biggest lessons we can learn from this experience, is that such a change should not have been committed to the stable 3.2.x branch.

Consider the lesson learned.  Everyone has been reminded that 3.2 is our stable branch, and should contain only bug fixes, not new features.  Hope this release meets everyone’s expectations.  As usual, download it from the usual place:


  • John Harper

    Looking forward to trying the software here in Australia!

  • Karen Marable

    Looking forward to using it. I am a genealogish and I love it. Thank you for it.


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