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According the subversion log it has been two years since I last committed anything. Whilst I have been lurking on the mailing list for the last two years I have not had much time for doing much else. I have been fielding support queries on the MacPorts port for gramps but that is about it.

Recently I have been helping Emrys Williams to build the new native OS X port and this has fired me up to get a bit more active.

I hope to make some real progress this time on the research planning side of things. A long time ago I helped to implement support for Repositories, but this was meant to be just the start of a set of features to support people in making the most of the short opportunities we get to do real research. I want to develop some tools that will make GRAMPS your research friend.

Lets hope that I can make some progress this time and it is not another two years before real life gets out of the way.



I was at EuroPython this year and at the start of Bruce Eckel’s keynote he said how he had arrived at the conference after a bad international flight, tense and in a bad mood. But when he walked in to the conference he sensed the atmosphere and thought Ah Python people and immediately relaxed.

Well after two years away and involvement in various other projects I have the same reaction with I get back into GRAMPS. Ah GRAMPS people 🙂

It is nice to be back, at least for a while.

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