3.1.1 was released

9 march saw the release of GRAMPS 3.1.1, an evolutionary release over the previous 3.0.x series. The release notes say it all.

I’m quite happy with this release. It shows we are able to produce a minor upgrade with new features on a yearly basis. So if all goes well, spring 2010 should see a 3.2.x release. The roadmap for that version is still under construction, if you plan on developing on 3.2 in 2009, add your plans now.

I however will still be busy a while with bug fixes in the 3.1.x series. I updated the pdf/print output of the reports for 3.1, but some issues still remain. I like to think I improved it a lot over 3.0, but I want it to be better than good. Next up is installing a beta of ubuntu 9.04, as some people are submitting bugs in that version that where not present before. Those are normally complicated issues with base libraries we depend on. It is important though that GRAMPS keeps working on the fast moving linux platform, so although I don’t like it, we need to spend a large amount of our developing time on supporting our moving base (new gtk libs, new distutils, new python, ….). It can be annoying though to be working on GRAMPS all the time, but never get a new feature in. Here is to hoping no new issues come up after I fixed the present ones.


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