GRAMPS 3.1.1 (“Spam, bacon, sausage, and spam”) released

The GRAMPS Developers in collaboration with Green Midget CafĂ© presents: Version 3.1.1 of GRAMPS! The “Spam, bacon, sausage, and spam” release.

  • The release of 3.1.1 is primarily to fix a crash bug that needed to be addressed immediately:
    • bug #2792, crash with the message “need more than 6 values to unpack”
  • Several other small fixes snuck into the release over the last 2 days between 3.1.0 and 3.1.1:
    • add a warning when installing from .tar.gz
    • bug #2121 – graphviz reports were generated off-page
    • various gramplet fixes
    • several text typo fixes and translation updates (de, fr)
    • bug #2772 – name display format
    • bug #2789 – fix for HTTP 404 in NarrativeWeb due to bad relative path

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