Open source: the speed of light…

There has been calls for a few more ‘stories’ for the gramps blog, so I figured I’d toss this one into the mix…

Though I live in New Zealand, most all of my own genealogy work relates to an area out to the west of Houston, TX, USA…

In some of my recent additions and consolidations, I’ve managed to end up with many of my various notes becoming ‘disconnected’ – they referred to people who, after I had imported from other sources, I may have removed from my own database.

After checking out the tools that are used to identify unused objects, it seemed to me that somehow, in the development, no one had ever thought to add notes in: it happily corrected problems with unused records of other sorts, but nothing for notes.

I decided I could either:
* go through a delete the extras manually, or
* try out the system!

I registered the situation on the gramps ‘bug tracker’, describing it as clearly as I could.

Then, pretty much in the time it took me to catch the bus in to work (and this isn’t a very big town, so that doesn’t take long!) it had some action! I logged on to the gramps IRC channel, since I like to ‘listen in’ on what is being said there, and saw that the bug had been assigned to someone, picked up and within only about 2 hours of the time I reported it, the svn ‘up to date’ files for gramps had the fix incorporated!

You can’t beat responsiveness and speed like that outside of the open source community, eh?

Now, if only someone could tell me more about Tom (?) Anderson, one of my GGGrandfathers, I’d be *really* happy!

Nick Wallingford
Tauranga, New Zealand
(Wallingford, Ogg, Hegar, Loyd/Lloyd, Robertson, Campbell – Waller and Montgomery Co, TX)

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