MediaWiki: this time it’s for real!

As you may already know, the effort is underway to create a new wiki site for the GRAMPS project. We have tried PhpWiki and TikiWiki before, as well as PhpWebSite and other engines. However, it seems that we have finally found the ultimate solution: the MediaWiki engine.

The plan now is to transfer all contents of various gramps websites to this wiki: the main site as well as the developers wiki. Most of the main site is already ported, although we still have to figure out the new format for news/announcements. Some of the developers contents is also transferred, but there’s always room for more.

Please help us maintain the clean and up-to-date wiki site by contributing to this wiki. Use Talk sections to discuss arguable edits, email gramps-users list if in doubt, teach us how to better utilize the MediaWiki if you know more about it. The new site looks clean and useable and is surprisingly easy to modify.


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