A Tribute to GRAMPS

T’was the night before release
for the next version of gramps,
but we knew they’d make it
as those guys are champs.

They’d sit there till morning
squeezing out each line of python,
and guzzling pots of coffee
with the aid of a syphon.

Alex couldn’t get that transaction
to do as it’s told,
his brain was going numb
and his fingers were cold.

Don lost his arrows
they were not where they should be,
it was sending him mad
but then, he’s out of his tree.

Pez4brian was helping
getting the reports right,
couldn’t have those that were living
showing up on the website.

But all was well
as they watched the sunrise,
and rubbed the sleep
from their weary eyes.

Don would cry out
Svn up, autogen, make, make, install,
Egads, I think I’ve got it
So I’ll make that tarball.

Now for a name
to give this release,
Something from Monty Python
and quoted from John Cleese.

Now it’s all over
more bugs put to bed,
so till Jerome finds some more
we can forget it, and all go to bed.

by Trevor Rhodes

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  • shura

    Nice poem!
    Thanks, Trevor!

  • Don

    Absolutely brilliant. 🙂

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