Release candidate for 2.2.0

The release candidate for 2.2.0, the 2.2.0rc1, has just been released. An insane number of bugs were squashed, some UI elements polished, some db changes made, etc. All in all, we are getting ready again to hit the world with the best GRAMPS ever.

If everything goes smoothly, we should see rc2 in a couple of weeks, shortly followed by the 2.2.0 itself. Stay tuned!



  • adrian_

    “followed by the 2.0.0 itself. Stay tuned!” , I am sure you mean the 2.2.0! 🙂

  • adrian_

    I hope you do not mind me posting here but hte forum is out of action. Is it possible to have the current GRAMPS release installed, and install the beta on the same system? Thanks

  • shura

    Corrected the typo, thanks!

    As for you second question: yes, it is possible, but you will have to install from source. I would recommend installing the beta version locally. Read the INSTALL file in the top level source dir. Email the gramps-devel mailing list if you have questions.

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