San Francisco

By a strange coincidence, while Alex Roitman was in San Francisco on a house hunting trip, I was also in San Francisco to attend the Intel Developer Forum. We overlapped by about half a day, so we took advantage of the situation and actually had a chance to meet.

Alex has been working with me on the GRAMPS project for about two and a half years. While we are in almost daily contact, we had never met. So Alex and I proved that each other exist when I met Alex and his wife Natasha on last Monday evening.

So, what do the two project managers of an open source project talk about when they meet for the first time? Probably to Natasha’s great relief, we talked about just about everything except GRAMPS. We kept the geek factor fairly low, had dinner on Pier 39, followed by ice cream at Ghirardelli Square. We don’t have any photographic proof of our meeting, so the rest of you will have to accept our word that we really exist. 🙂

Alex and Natasha are a wonderful couple. While Alex and I had gotten to know each other over the past couple of years through email and IRC, meeting in person is different. We met as just vague names attached to messages, and left as good friends.

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