GRAMPS after 2.0.0

It has already been two three releases following 2.0.0. Things didn’t turn out too bad. With the release of 2.0.x series came testing, and with it the usability problems that we are now fixing. It is amazing how many little things are hidden unless you unleash the users on a piece of code.

Most of the improvments in 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 — 2.0.3 have to do with optimizing work with large databases. The 1.0.x versions kept all data in memory. As long as it fitted, every data access and modification were zero-cost. Now everything is expensive: disk reads and certainly disk writes. So carelessly accessing data brings a huge perofrmance penalty.

The next big thing for the 2.0.x series is the workout for the reports. We have too may reports that do this or that little thing. There’s a lot of overlap between different reports, but neither is a complete success yet. The plan is to make fewer reports with deeper functionailty.

In the meantime, the 2.1/2.2 development branch is seeing a lot of changes. The shared events are being worked into the database core, and the Event View is next in line. The Repository View is already there, and the Sources can already refer to Repositories, thanks to Richard. Within just a few more month, we may see 2.2.0 released!

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  • erichiseli

    Talking about Reports: back in 1998, I’ve created a report with brother’s keepers, a windows program. It’s a descendency report generation by generation as you can make it with GRAMPS. However, the big difference is, I exported it to RTF and with a simple macro in word, I created an index entry on every single name so that I had a wonderful index at the end of the document. To mention that I needed to customize some entries by hand, because I had a lot of individuals with the same name. In these cases, I added the birth or christening date in brackets.

    An excerpt of this index is shown below:

    Alfred (1868)..210
    Alfred (1898)..244
    Alfred (1911)..267;273


    It would be great if we could have a report with this kind of index and this kind of flexibility.

  • shura

    Thanks for the suggestion. I have re-posted it on our forum site, here:

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