Plans for hosting user data

The plan is in the works to allow users hosting their data on gramps-project site. The goal of this is two-fold:

  • Provide hosting of gramps-generated web pages for users without available web space
  • Allow interested users to share their data (GEDCOM or XML)

In the future it might be possible to search the available data, without necessarily giving the access to the whole file. For example, I can enter a search item and get the contact info for the users whose data had some hits for that item. I can then contact that user and inquire whether (s)he is willing to share the data.

It seems to me that such a collaborative place would be a great extension of the free/open source concept to the genealogy. From my personal experience I can tell that I was contacted by the relative who found my information on a genealogical site. Now I have 200 years’ worth of family data thanks to that connection. Who knows, maybe we will be able to connect a few people on our site?

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