News from the front lines

It has been busy lately in the development branch. Quite a few bugs have been fixed since 1.1.90. A lot of pre-set filters have been written for both the People View and the Custom Filter Editor by Martin Hawlisch. And a great ScratchPad plugin has been written by Richard Taylor.

The plugin provides a kind of an enhanced clipboard. The user may drag-and-drop various records onto it, and then DnD them into other records. For example, copying the whole Address record from one person into another is just a matter of few clicks and drags, as opposed to seven separate Copy/Paste roundtrips.

The only thing separating us from 1.1.95 followed by 2.0 now is the functional merge tool. It has not yet been brought up from the dead following transition to the database API. Hopefully, we’ll get there soon 🙂

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