Lost family records

My father has been doing the genealogy research for our family, and appears to have hit a brick wall. From what he can tell, many years ago the original family records in Ireland were transferred from the local church to Dublin, where they were destroyed in a fire.

How do you proceed after something like this happens?

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  • MCassidy

    Does your father know the location of the church? Where, and about what time frame would the family have been there?

    There is a lot of misinformation floating around about which records were lost in the fire. And while there were some devastating losses of records, alternatives exist depending upon local conditions.

    Which religious persuasion? My bet is your family came from a part of the isle that makes this guess a 50-50, so that would be important to know.

  • gladdog

    I agree with McCassidy. There could be an alternative source. The solution to the dilema might be posting using a locality board (or mailing list). An example of such a board: rootsweb.com > board (or list) > UK and Ireland > Ireland > name of county. People familiar with the county might know of a way around the brick wall.

  • whatsizbucket

    I agree with both recommendations. Also many records could have been copied by the LDS Church from national archives. I have found in my research that many records seem to overlap into national archives, or even adjoining counties.

    Just my two cents.

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