“Competing” projects

GNOME 2.10 was announced today. Sure enough, a bunch of kiddies popped up out of their parents’ basements to take potshots at it. The real kicker was from someone under the name of “bb_matt” on OSNews:

To all intents and purposes, KDE kicks it’s ass in terms of speed on low end systems.
There is simply NO denying that fact.
Anyone with half a brain that tests KDE against Gnome on the desktop will come to the same conclusion.

People have got to realize that because they like something doesn’t mean that everyone who uses something else is a moron. There are a lot of good things in GNOME. There are a lot of good things in KDE. GNOME will appeal to some, KDE to others. Because someone likes something that you do not doesn’t mean they have “half a brain”.

And this is just not a KDE user thing. I’ve seen similar comments about KDE from GNOME users when KDE news comes out. Come on, people – are we going to revive the childish emacs vs. vi wars? How about the VMS vs UNIX wars?

I’ve got to stop reading Slashdot and OSNews.

So let me state the following as a GRAMPS developer. There are other genealogy programs out there. I hope that GRAMPS meets your needs. If it doesn’t, I hope you find something that does. GeneWeb and LifeLines are both excellent programs that are “competitors” to GRAMPS. I have all the respect in the world for these programs, and I hope they continue to be successful.

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