Descendant Fanchart

Another post on fan charts. The previous was about the common fanchart, and how we made it better. This time it is about a new addition to the family of chart views in Gramps: the Descendant Fan Chart. What is it? Obviously it is a fan chart showing the descendants. Let’s look at an example: […]

Fanchart: from Gimmick to Research Tool?

As mentioned in the previous post, the fan chart view has been updated for the 4.0 After that post, I had some other ideas which in my view were more important to add than the ones mentioned previously. The great thing about the fan chart is that more generations are visible, especially when compared to […]

Fanchart in 4.0, what features?

Hacking Fanchart I don’t know if the fanchart has many fans. I don’t really use it myself. However, with the Gtk 3 conversion, I had to jump into the code to make it ready for Gramps 4.0. Now that I understood the code somewhat, I thought, what the heck, let’s add some features I learned […]

Status GTK 3 for Gramps 4.0

For users, programmers talking about changing a library Gramps uses for another one, is normally dull matter. If that library is however GTK, it actually means the way the program looks will change. And that is of some importance to most of us. In this case, Gramps moves from the old GTK 2.x series, to […]